Servo Based Electric Actuator

We represent Exlar's Tritex II Series as a common actuator option for our electric valve installations. By combining the latest electronic power technology with advanced thermal management modeling technology, Exlar has set a new benchmark for performance and size. Tritex II Series actuators integrate an AC or DC powered servo drive, digital position controller, brushless motor and linear actuator in a compact, sealed package. Now you can precisely control motion and solve all of your application requirements with a single, fully integrated device.

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Tritex II Actuator
Servo Motor
Enable highly efficient and precise control of actuation with reduced power consumption.

Efficient Drive Mechanism
Patented roller screw technology in linear solutions and integrated planetary gear boxes in rotary solutions offer up to 90% efficient conversion.

Integrated Programmable Controller
Versatile configuraiton settings for speed, position and force/torque.

Flexible options inclue 4-20mA, digital inputs/outputs, Modbus, Ethernet and others.

Actuator temperature, position, current, bus voltage and fault conditions can be monitored and logged.

Solutions are outdoor rated for -40°F to 150°F.