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Lead Screw Driven Automation
Lead Screw Driven Automation
January 9, 2019

The Lead Screw Assemblies from PBC Linear form the perfect union of precision lead screws, anti-backlash nuts, and world class NEMA motors. Through years of testing and process improvements, PBC Linear is proud to offer the most accurate standard lead accuracy on the market.

>> WATCH PBC Constant Force Technology Video on YouTube

Neugart Right Angle
Neugart Right Angle Gearbox
October 23, 2018

Neugart has the shortest spiral-toothed right angle gearbox with flange output shaft and hollow shaft.
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>> CLICK for MORE INFO on Neugart Right Angle Planetary Gearbox

AMC Click&Move
AMC Click&Move Automation Solution
September 17, 2018

Click&Move is a soft motion and automation solution that allows machine builders to fully develop and implement motion control and automation programs. Click&Move solves all aspects of a machine builder’s programming needs - from the bits and bytes of network communication protocols to the HMI, and everything in between - including motion control, coordinated motion, logic control, state machine, machine programming & operation, and more.

>> FOR MORE INFO go to the AMC Website

R+W Coupling Technology
R+W Couplings
September 6, 2018

@iMotionInc Represents R+W Precision Couplings Exact and Backlash Free Performance for Every Application

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>> WATCH THIS VIDEO for more information on R+W Precision Safety Couplings

Nexen Ring Drive
Motor-Ready Sealed Precision Rotary Indexer
August 28, 2018

Nexen has launched a new Motor Ready Sealed (MRS) precision rotary indexer with all the benefits of their patented precision roller pinion drive design – zero backlash, high precision, high torque, and high acceleration – plus its fully sealed and IP65 rated. Users can direct drive the system with the addition of a servo motor, eliminating the cost of a reducer, to cut engineering and installation time.

>> CLICK HERE for Ring Drive details and specifications

Invertek Drives
Invertek Variable Frequency Drives
July 18, 2018

Invertek Drives is dedicated to the design and manufacture of sophisticated Variable Frequency Drives, used to control motors in a wide variety of industrial and energy saving applications.

>> Watch E3 Variable Frequency Drive Video

Schneeberger Minirail
High Accuracy Even In the Tightest Spaces
May 23, 2018

The high-precision MINIRAIL miniature guideway from SCHNEEBERGER is small in size, but large in terms of its possibilities. MINIRAIL is a high-tech linear bearing that will impress you with its precision, robustness and versatility. Expandable if required with an integral measuring system and long-term lubrication.

Brother Gearmotor
BROTHER Gearmotors Can Help With Your BALDOR Needs
May 18, 2018

iMotion represents Brother Gearmotors. Brother's expertise lies squarely in the gearmotor industry and our commitment to innovative design, outstanding service, and superior performance has never been stronger. With a state-of-the art US manufacturing facility, backed up by the presence of a global corporation, Brother stands ready to meet your most demanding needs with the industry’s finest line-up of products, including: AC Induction, Brushless DC, and Ultra-Efficient IPM.

>> For more information about Brother Gearmotors - WATCH THIS

PBC Simplicity Bearings
Simplicity: Self Lubricating Plain Bearings
April 4, 2018

PBC Linear Round Shaft Technology product line is a great go-to for linear plain bearings that thrive in dirty environments!
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Mechanical Components
Mechanical Components
Complete Your Applications

February 6, 2018

iMotion represents world leading manufacturers that create all the necessary components to complete your motion control applications. Our devices provide the flexibility needed to perfect even the most intricate designs.

Integrated Drive Controller Stepper
Integrated Drive-Controller-Stepper
January 31, 2018

Our integrated drive-controller-stepper motor provides closed loop feedback and advanced control technology combining the best features of a step motor and servo system.
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Servo Drive Feature Video
ADVANCED Motion Controls:
Your Servo Drive Supplier

January 16, 2018

ADVANCED Motion Controls' company focus is to create and deliver the best motion control drives for any motor, any controller, any feedback, any industry and any application.
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>> AMC Servo Drives Video

Trio Motion
Motion + PC Solution December 14, 2017

Trio’s PC-MCAT 64 is an innovative "Motion + PC Solution". Contact @iMotionInc today for more information.

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Weintek HMI
Automation Control at Your Fingertips
November 30, 2017

iMotion represents Weintek HMI technology that serve as the foundation for worldwide factory automation today.
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>> Watch a Video of Weintek HMI solutions

iMotion Motors
Motors for Automation Applications
November 29, 2017

iMotion maintains the broadest portfolio of motor products in the Rocky Mountain Region. Our motor options include: stepper, servo, AC, DC, gear motors and linear actuators. Let us assist you with integrating the best motor option into your application.

PBC Linear Mechatronics
Benefits of Mechatronics
November 10, 2017

Whether the application calls for belt, ball or lead screw driven linear systems, iMotion and PBC can provide a complete mechatronic solution. Available in multiple types of bearing technology and profile sizes, PBC Linear has the full selection of driven systems to match up with your application as well as compatible accessories for easy adaptability.
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>> Watch a Video of PBC Complete Mechatronics Solutions

iMotion Partners with Nexen
Introducing Nexen Products
October 24, 2017

iMotion is proud to introduce Nexen as our newest partner. Nexen’s heritage for over 50 years is built on producing technically superior products while providing the highest level ofcustomer support. As a leading manufacturer of precision linear and rotary motion control components, clutches, and brakes Nexen products are the perfect complement to the iMotion line of quality manufacturers.

>> Check out Nexen's Roller Pinion System Video Demonstration

New Location
New Location
Same Valuable Products & Services

March 15, 2017

After all the months of waiting we finally moved in to our new facility on March 15, 2017! Our new office is located at 2285 Manatt Court, Castle Rock, CO 80104. In addition to being larger, the new space allows for storage needed to carry additional inventory and provides more efficient assembly of our Motion Express kitted products. It's light, bright interior provides the perfect environment for our team, as well as plenty of room to host our guests. We invite you to stop by for a tour and would love to speak with you about how iMotion can assist you with your motion control needs.

We Are Moving
We Are Moving!
December 15, 2016

iMotion is moving its office to a new location. It will be a few months since we just broke ground on our new building at the end of the summer. We are only going a couple miles down the road, but we are looking forward to our new space.

Click Here to see more recent pictures of the building progress.

Intro to Brother Gearmotors
Introducing Brother Gearmotors
December 7, 2016

iMotion is now representing the Brother Gearmotors product line. Brother Gearmotors specializes in high efficiency, highly reliable power transmission components including AC and brushless (BLDC) gear motors and reducers. They support a wide range of industries including food and beverage processing, packaging machinery, material handling technologies and more.

Rod Style Actuators
Rod Style Actuators: A Project's Push & Pull
September 22, 2016

Rod style actuators are your best choice when you need a load pushed or pulled. iMotion partners with Exlar and other manufacturers to provide high performance rod style actuators. iMotion utilizes these products and their various other product lines to provide engineered solutions that ensure your applications are high quality, efficient and cost effective.

iMotion is Going Social September 7, 2016

iMotion is now posting, connecting and tweeting along with the rest of the world! We have a lot going on in our company and want to share that information in a format that is most beneficial for each individual. Please follow us and feel free to post comments or share with your acquaintances.

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Bearings: Keeping Your Moves Smooth
Couplings, Torque Limiters and Line Shafts: Application Connections
August 11, 2016

iMotion partners with R+W Coupling Technology to provide high quality shaft couplings according to your specific business requirements. the R+W products join seamlessly with the products of iMotion's other industry leading suppliers. iMotion utilizes these product lines to provide engineered solutions that ensure your applications are high quality, creative and cost effective.

Bearings: Keeping Your Moves Smooth
Bearings: Keeping Your Moves Smooth
July 13, 2016

iMotion provides a wide range of superior performance bearing systems through our partnerships with industry leading suppliers: PBC Linear and Schneeberger. These systems, combined with our diverse product selection and the expertise of the iMotion team, come together to create cost effective, high value engineered solutions for your company's specific needs.

Servo Drives: Powerful ADVANCED Solutions
Stepper Drives: The Pulse of Your Applications
June 8, 2016

iMotion represents manufacturers that provide all your stepper drive needs, from the smallest of drives to fit your sleek applications to an integrated drive-controller-stepper motor that creates more torque, fast dynamic response and high operating efficiency.

Servo Drives: Powerful ADVANCED Solutions
Servo Drives: Powerful ADVANCED Solutions
May 4, 2016

The iMotion partnership with ADVANCED Motion Controls, provides our customers with superior performance and a wide range of servo drive product options. For more than 25 years ADVANCED Motion Controls has proudly supplied high performance servo drives designed and built in the USA. AMC’s company focus is to create and deliver the best motion control drives for any motor, any controller, any feedback, any industry and any application. By utilizing the latest technology available and providing the widest range of productions solutions, AMC is able to provide customers with technical and financial advantages in motion control.

Motion Controllers: Coordinated Movement
Motion Controllers: Coordinated Movement
March 29, 2016

iMotion represents Trio Motion Technology for your motion controller needs. Trio is a company focused on the design of innovative, cost-effective machine controllers specializing in multi-axis motion control for robotics, OEM and end-user applications in wide variety of automation requirements.

HMIs:Automation Control
HMIs: Automation Control at Your Fingertips January 26, 2016

Our manufacturers supply industrial computing and visualization solutions for automation and manufacturing applications. Their products connect to a wide range of control devices without any programming. Their designs provide reliable and user-friendly touch screen interfaces for a variety of industrial enviroments.

iMotion Releases New Website January 14, 2016

iMotion just released a new website. The changes include an updated look, more detailed product information and responsive functionality to help you view the site at your desk or on the road. Please check back for addition website updates on our News & Reviews web page or feel free to send us a question or comment through our contact email at the Contact iMotion page.

Capabilities Card October 2015

Our new capabilities brochure allows you to see how our products work together for an engineered solution with ease. Check out our Products page for a small preview. Feel free to use our Contact iMotion page to request a copy from our Sales Team.