Fitting Your Needs

Our suppliers offer a powerful range of standard products to meet your motion control requirements. If your application demands something unusual or unique, we can engineer a custom design to optimize the product's performance for your needs.

Powerful ADVANCED Solutions

As a provider for high performance servo drives designed and built in the USA, our product partnership is focused on creating and delivering the best motion control drives for any motor, any industry and any application. We are able to provide customers with technical and financial advantages through our motion control solutions.

Standard Features

  • Application Flexibility
  • Multiple modes of operation in each unit
  • Brushed and brushless compatibility
  • Expanded DIP-Switch turning option on selected parts
  • Tachometer, Hall Sensors and TTL Encoder feedback
  • PCB Mounted Plug In drives for dedicated application solutions available

Customizable Features

  • Embedded Drives
  • Multiple Servo Axes
  • EMI Expertise
  • Extended Environment
  • Specified Software
  • Integration and Ruggedization
  • Specialized Motor Operations
  • Parameter Optimization

The Pulse of Your Applications

Our integrated drive-controller-stepper motor provides closed loop feedback and advanced control technology to create more torque, fast dynamic response and high operating efficiency. This approach combines the best features of a step motor and servo system performance in a cost effective motion control solution.


  • Closed-loop servo control using high torque step motors
  • High acceleration for faster machine cycles and greater productivity
  • Energy efficient, cool running
  • All-in-one compact solution
  • IP65 versions for wet and dusty environments
  • Stand-alone operation (stored Q programming)
  • EtherNet/IP industrial networking option
  • CANopen fieldbus option
  • Modbus RTU option for easy PLC/HMI connection

iMotion has suppliers that specialize in developing and manufacturing miniature high-performance stepper and servo drives. They strive to create superior, ultra-compact motion control solutions that reduce costs and readily integrate onto OEM instrumentation designs across a wide range of industries.

Featured Options

  • Sizes to include as small as 1" x 1" square or 2" diameter circular drives
  • 4 wire bus linking up to 16 stepper motor controllers
  • 1-3 Amp Chopper (PVM) driver
  • Up to 20 million microsteps / second
  • Operates from 12V to 48V
  • RS232, RS485, or USB based communications
  • Stand alone operation with no connection to PC
  • Hold current automatically selected upon move completion
  • Round Option Only: Hole in PCB allows for use of double shafted motors
  • RoHS compliant